DePietro Gallery

Strategically located in the heart of the eclectic arts district in Santa Ana, California, the DePietro Gallery features works of art by emerging and fledgling artists. 1250 square feet of wall space offer paintings, ceramic pieces and artifacts of sculpture that range in price from $100 to $500. Art pieces revolve, monthly and quarterly, with the Gallery rotating artists throughout the year. Currently, two or three artists are featured each month. Each artist is given a special package deal. They may choose one day per month to host a presentation on stage at the DePietro Performance Center. At that introductory event, the artist is asked to explain his or her approach and conclude the presentation with a lively discussion. Immediately after the completion of the art “show,” guests are invited next door to the 1250 square foot DePietro Gallery in order to view the showcase spread of the artist-of-the-day. Works of art rotate approximately every eight weeks. Artists’ works must meet certain standards set by the gallery—pieces must be highly original and also affordably priced—in order to participate. In addition to renting wall space, or the entire gallery—with space starting at $50 per month—they also enjoy the benefit of a 70/30 commission split from pieces sold.

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