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In 1977, Peggy Greenhut Golden opened a new chapter in the venerable art history of Portland, Maine when she established Greenhut Galleries in the Old Port. In 2007, the Gallery celebrated its 30th Anniversary, making it the oldest year-round gallery in Portland. It has been most gratifying for Greenhut Galleries to further the tradition of art in the State of Maine, a state where artists of renown have come to make art for centuries, says Peg. As the Gallery has grown, so has the reach of its artists, whose styles span the spectrum from realism to abstraction, through landscapes, still lifes and portraits, to non-figurative work in both two- and three-dimensional mediums. The artists whom Greenhut represents, over 30 painters and sculptors as well as artists’ estates, are a diverse group with unique visions. Maine paintings and drawings, and sculpture too, grace the walls and floors of the gallery. Monthly re-installations and opening receptions make it a lively place to be and keep things fresh for our viewers and collectors. We all work very hard at the gallery, says Peg, but the artists we represent are the heart and soul of what we do here. Exhibitions include solo shows organized on an annual schedule for our artists. While our back galleries feature the work of one artist, we always have both on view and on hand the work of every other artist that is represented by the gallery. As of 2003, the Gallery also organizes two or three special exhibitions each year that feature the work of invited guest artists in themed exhibitions that are germane to current trends in the art world.

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