Greentown Glass Museum

In the early 1890s, natural gas was found on the northwest side of Greentown. This discovery was instrumental in enticing new business to the town, The gas company built a pumping station in order to transport the gas via pipeline to Chicago, Illinois. The gas was used to fuel the new street lamps.

This early postcard depicts the natural gas pumping station and the hotel which became known as Little Chicago. This large station was built and a spur was added to the railroad to bring coal to the station.

Part of this station remains today in the row of houses built for workers. The large, 16 room hotel used as company heaquarters has been restored and is a private residence today.

The discovery of this large natural gas leur also enticed manufacturing businesses to look at Greentown as a possible site for their factories. Dr. Amos A. Covalt, a local physician and real estate developer, was instrumental in enticing the glass factory to be located in Greentown. D.C. Jenkins was considering locating his new factory in Matthews, Indiana but Covalt’s generous offer of a free building site plus use of the natural gas line was sufficient to change to focus to Greentown. The deal was sealed on February 28, 1894 and the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company was formed.

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