Hunter Museum of American Art

With three buildings representing 100 years of architecture, the Hunter Museum of American Art is a prominent feature of the Chattanooga skyline.

Not only has the Museum been an important part of the city’s cultural life, but the Hunter’s bluff-top setting has long played a significant role in the history of the region.To the Cherokee people the bluff ヨ one of the highest points along the Tennessee River ヨ was said the be the sacred home of a mythical hawk-like giant known as Tia-Numa.ヤ

In 1854, an iron smelting plant was erected on the bluff near the present north western corner of the museum. The plant, known as the Bluff Furnace, was one of the South’s earliest industrial enterprises. During the Civil War, the area was used as a lookout and a garrison by both Confederate and Union forces. Although the Bluff Furnace was destroyed during the Civil War, it is now a site for archaeological research.

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