Melinda Fine

I was born in Boston Ma, second of four children. My father was a surgeon, my mother a homemaker. When my father finished his residency in Boston, we moved to Greensboro, NC where he set up practice and we grew up. My mother took us to museums and exposed us to all kinds of art and music. She herself loved contemporary art; those early impressions are indelible. I attended high school and college in Greensboro, earning a bachelors degree in English and psychology at UNC-G, then followed by an MFA in creative writing at UNC-G where I studied with Lee Zacharias, Fred Chappell and Robert Watson. My focus was the short story. Those were fertile and creative times.

Using text, numbers, color and texture, my work depicts a broader, deeper impact of messages, the verbal, emotional, and logical content that informs communication.   We all are aware that so much more information than mere words passes between people when they interact.  I depict this by heavily layering oil pastels on press-on type– Letraset® – the type used before digital typography. I scrape and scour the surface to indicate the fissures in our psyches which often reveal an underlying message.

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