We Love Art

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Hi, your new art friends here.

Or at least we hope you’ll be our new art friends; we’re not very pushy or needy or anything like that. The short story is that we move a lot, travel a lot, and love art. Because you’re our new friend we’ll spare you the long story.

We like to meet artists, see art, buy art (watch for a link to our little collection), get all arty and all drinky…you get the idea.

Preferring to buy locally, we do a lot of our searching for artists and art venues online then go out to look at work when we have time. Take it from us, you might not be as easy to find as you think. Maybe you’re working in a co-op, featured in a gallery, or showing your work in a festival, but those are mostly temporary and require a serendipitously timed visit.

Sometimes we can’t find you!

If you have a website or a facebook page that’s great, sort of. Those are mostly effective once someone has heard of you and can find you by searching on your name. The rest of the time though, well…crickets. IF WE CAN’T FIND YOU WE CAN’T FIND YOUR ART

That’s a shame considering how much effort you put into your work. We assume you fit this bill…spend a lot on materials, work, work, work, work, still invisible in the market, work some more, spend more, get a tiny bit of exposure, still almost invisible, wish people would find you and buy your art, etc. We commend you but sheesh, get some help.

We created a place you can be visible in your local art scene; with events, artisans, galleries, and museums all sharing the same online home.

Think of it as your business card, searchable by location, and representative of a broad range of your work. Hope you’ll join us; and that it helps you get noticed. We promise to do the best job we can of helping local art buyers find local art sellers, period. We’re simply interested in giving exposure to local artists, wherever that “locale” may be.

So SHARE YOUR ART and introduce yourself to your local art buying community

Remember, we don’t sell art, we give artists a place to introduce themselves to and communicate with local art buyers and artist opportunities. And don’t worry, we’re going to stick around. We’re in it for the long-term…500 listings or 50,000, we’ll still be here. Art is subjective…you decide if your work or the work you represent is “fine art” or a “craft” and we’ll give you a place to share what you do.

Much love from your new art friends,
Von & Brian