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Make Thoughtful & Respectful Use of Every Personal Contact You Have

First create a visual representation of exactly who your contacts are. Include friends, coworkers, small business owners, fellow artists, journalists, educators, and anyone else who you feel would recognize your name in a positive light.

Segment by type and/or special relationship

  1. people who visited your last show
  2. a friend who owns a gallery
  3. a family member who brokers class A office space. Read more…


Websites & Hosting for Artists

Domain Name Choice- Artists should use whatever name they are using on their artwork combined with the term “art”, “artist”, or for a specialized field the field name as in “photographer”.

For example:

If your name is William Owen Crawford but you represent yourself and sign your work as Will Crawford, the best web address might be or in the case of a specialized field. If that isn’t available your next best choices are or just

Keep reading our whole post for our super fast set-up steps. Read more…

10 Art Marketing Ideas For Fine Art Artists

The following ideas on how to market your art dovetail into one another. Just one of these top art marketing tips may be the stepping stone to your success.

  • Make use of every personal contact you’ve got. If you know someone who works in a gallery, ask him to introduce you to the art buyer. Get into conversation with just about everyone who shows interest in your paintings. That person just might know someone with influence. Read more…


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