Turn Personal Contacts into Leads

Make Thoughtful & Respectful Use of Every Personal Contact You Have

Segment by type and/or special relationship

First create a visual representation of exactly who your contacts are. Include friends, coworkers, small business owners, fellow artists, journalists, educators, and anyone else who you feel would recognize your name in a positive light.

  1. people who visited your last show
  2. a friend who owns a gallery
  3. a family member who brokers class A office space.

Sample Contact Visualization

marketing your art to your contacts mind map

Imagine yourself in the shoes of your contacts…how would YOU like to be reached out to?

Think about a tasteful but effective way you can share your work and generate interest. Don’t limit your imagination here. Include mailing, email, visits, calls, and other ideas as ways to reach out.

  1. a beautiful archive quality postcard with a limited edition print of your work as the cover for those who attended your last open studio
  2. a visit to your friend’s gallery with an upmarket treat
  3. an 8 1/2 x11 handout about the benefits of using a local artist for corporate art for the clients of your broker family member)

Follow up interested leads, PERSONALLY.

It’s tempting to do everything in email or via social media, but a personal call or visit is so much better when someone actually expresses interest in a particular piece of work, a commission, or with an opportunity to show your art.

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